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sabado 7 de diciembre 2019
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The event

5,000 young people

One only voice

A message that should be heard

An unprecedented concert

From December 02 to 12, the 25th Summit of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, COP25, will be held in Spain.

FUNDECUA, Foundation for Development, Culture and Art, will produce and direct an unprecedented mega event. Children and young people from all over the world will join through music as a call to action to save the world they receive.

The Symphonic March of Children and Youth for Climate is a large-scale global event, basing its pillars on art, sustainability, diversity and awareness of the Climate, supported and sponsored by the COP 25 itself (Framework Convention of the United Nations on Climate Change).

This movement of children and young people is INDEPENDENT, and does not have financing from the COP, nor financial contributions from national, provincial or municipal states. Most of the participating children in Latin America are beneficiaries of social programs, since they come from vulnerable sectors.

On Saturday, December 7, we did perform an unprecedented MEGA EVENT, of a multicultural nature and of great international impact. CHILDREN from around the WORLD join through MUSIC as a CALL TO ACTION, to save the world they receive. The concert  held in an unprecedented setting, in 360 ° where children and young people from 5 continents performed a repertoire in common, in parallel.

The repertoire included world music from  each of the participating countries and will base their axes on Climate Change, care of the planet, sustainability, recycling and awareness for “A PLANET IN HARMONY’ ’.

The contribution vouchers are intended to cover the costs of transportation, clothing, and production of the event.



Join us to fight climate change

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The Symphony March of Children and Youth for Climate will consist of a large-scale World Festival, basing its pillars on art, sustainability, diversity and awareness of the Climate, supported and sponsored by the very COP 25, Framework Convention of the United Nations on Climate Change.
The Festival will have a contingent of children and young people from Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Paris, South Africa and Brazil, to which participants from other American countries will be added, with a total of 5000 children and youth from all the world.
The repertoire will include works characteristic of each of the participating countries and will base their axes on Climate Change, care of the planet, sustainability, recycling and awareness for a planet in harmony.

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Who we are

Twin Orchestras

DIRECTOR: Marcial Pino González

It was created in September 2017 in order to develop the cognitive, artistic, physical, affective and social skills and abilities of the Lyceum students. In addition to raising their cultural level, by sharing with teachers with a high and recognized musical work in Chile. The orchestra has a full cast of 80 musicians composed of students from seventh to fourth year, with a wide musical repertoire.

Orquesta del Liceo Bicentenario Óscar Castro Zuñiga de Rancagua, Chile

DIRECTOR: Lila Arroyo Torres

The Children's Philharmonic Orchestra of Peru is made up of school-age children from the various districts of Lima and provinces.

They have a wide musical repertoire, emphasizing Peruvian music, which lead to various national and international stages accompanied by the outstanding Peruvian singer-songwriter Julie Freundt, who the members of the Philharmonic have special respect and affection for. The Philharmonic Orchestra is a Licensee of the Peru Brand, and seeks to always bring the best of the Peruvian repertoire in Children-Youth Orchestral format to International stages.

Orquesta Filarmónica
Infanto-Juvenil del Perú

DIRECTOR: Sergio Jurado

Since 2000, this system has transformed the musical and cultural reality of the Province of Jujuy, Argentina. It has 17 orchestral groups formed according to the ages of its more than 700 members, the level of each and its geographical location, in the cities of San Salvador de Jujuy, Maimará, Purmamarca, Lipán and La Quiaca.

Sistema de Orquestas
Juveniles SOJ
Argentina - Jujuy

DIRECTOR: Eric Dufay

The ambition of the Petites Mains Symphoniques Association is to make available to everyone, without social discrimination, the Orchestra, an exemplary tool to learn to live in harmony, to dialogue and excel for the joy of working together. After 11 years of existence, the result of the success it wins, the association is increasingly requested and must respond to increasingly large proposals for projects, invitations to concerts in France and abroad. More than 6,000 children have participated in this great adventure since its creation, of which about twenty have returned to the National Conservatory of Paris and Lyon. The Orchester National des Petites Mains Symphoniques also opens up to other musical groups, which makes it today the showcase for young French instrumentalists. The values of the association are Pleasure, Solidarity, Coexistence and Excellence.

Les Petites Mains Symphoniques, Francia

DIRECTORS: Daniel Misiuk and Andrea Merenzon

The orchestra is based on discipline and the joy of playing together.

Not only music is learned but respect, method, and teamwork. It offers free music education to children between 10 and 18 years of age, from deprived areas. Renata Jaffé's method is developed exclusively in Fundecua. The orchestra is integrative and stimulates pride and respect for diversity and teamwork. Strengthen self-esteem by educating social, supportive, creative, and tolerant individuals of differences. Started in summer 2018, they already participated in the Iguazu Festival, played at the CCK, in the Cultural Center of Alejandro Marmo, sculptor of the Vatican and have performed two concerts with the international artist Maxi Trusso, who currently sponsors the orchestra.

Orquesta Las Cuerdas
de Fundecua
Argentina - Bs As
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Executive Director at FUNDECUA. Latin Grammy Award, Konex Award, Clarín Woman of the Year Award, Woman Solidarity Avon Foundation. Member of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Teatro Colón de Bs. As.

Idea, Direction and General Production

Andrea Merenzon

1st Flute Soloist of the Orchestra of the Teatro Colón de Bs. As. He performed and conducted “Los Animales de la Música”, represented at the Teatro Colón and abroad. In 2002 he toured the US with the San Pablo Symphony Orchestra as 1st Solo Flute and in 2004 on the Brazilian tournée. Production and Training Director of the Institute of Music and Dance of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Salta (2015-2017). Winner of the Argentine Music Contest.

Artistic direction

Jorge de la Vega

Technical producer, sound systems designer, operator and assistant of FOH. Among his latest works are the Buenos Aires Unique Festival in Palermo; the International Meeting of Youth Orchestras at Luna Park; José Carreras's Latin American tour and the Rod Stewart show in Costa Salguero. Responsible for the PA audio system of Luna Park (2012-2017). He participated in tours in Australia, China, Thailand, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Burundi, South Africa, Kenya, Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and France, among others.

Direction and Technical Production

Juan Salvador Elortegui

Photographer / filmmaker / set designer.

He made the renovation of the tourist image of the Province of Misiones. He made photography for 10 books published in the areas of Tourism, Culture and Nature. Author of Natural Microcosm Missions. Dir of the documentary “Iguazú en Concierto” (2012), writer and Dir of ¨Dentro¨ (2013), winner of the Guácaras regional film festival (INCAA). Design and assembly of set designs and settings; Iguazú International Festival in Concert (6 ed), Mercosur Craft Fair (2 de), Red Earth Women Festival (Miuki Madelaire), Jazz del Monte, and Jazz Day.

Scenographic Direction

Federico Nicolás Jacobo

of orchestras
The event

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